Randy  Ginsberg

Obituary of Randy Ginsberg

There was a man, lost to this world now, at the age of 67. A wonderful man who owned my heart. On February 17th, 2018 Randy Ginsberg returned to his Lord. Although filled with deepest sorrow, I, Pamela Ginsberg, am ever thankful for the 35 years of life we were able to share as husband and wife.

There is emptiness where he once stood, this loving husband, father and grandfather, and a silence where once his banjo did ring. This gifted musician with the bluest of eyes, always said he would, "Miss the Music", when he was gone. Well, I will not only miss the music, but also the musician whose spirit still resides in my soul.

Randy now embarks on a new journey as he releases my hand to travel this path. Hopefully remembering those who stood vigil at his hospital bedside, his daughter and son-in-law, Amity and Dan Myers, our good friend Gail Doebling and the many nurses and doctor's at Geisinger Medical Center who fought so hard to bring him back to us. Randy you were not alone in your fight, you were never alone.

Be well, my husband, be happy, your soul has been freed from the ravages of Leukemia. Kobi our beautiful, "Angel Dog", searches for you in every room of our house, while I will find you in my memories and hope to see you in my dreams.

Godspeed to you, travel beyond the moon and through the stars to that great universe we call heaven. Wait for me there, one day, at God's determining, I will reach for your hand, expecting you to guide me home.